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June 23, 2022

ARP ESSER Health and Safety Plan Summary June 23, 2022

Prospective ESSER III Project Summary


March 1st, 2021

Below you will see a highlighted section from the most up to date COVID-19 mitigation for out of state travel.  We as a school district will be following this new order and are now not requiring testing and/or quarantine after traveling out of state.  
  • Eliminate out-of-state travel restrictions.  In November, the Department of Health provided an updated travel order requiring anyone over the age of 11 who visits from another state to provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test or place themselves in a travel quarantine for 14 days upon entering Pennsylvania. Today, this order was rescinded. The current downward trend of cases nationwide and implementation of testing requirements and universal face covering on public transportation and transportation hubs are reducing the risk that interstate travel is a vector of disease transmission.
If you would like to read the entire statement here is the link. 


January 20, 2021

Any Lakeview student or staff member that travels out of state will need to provide evidence of one of the following: 

1.  A 10 day quarantine from the day of return 
2.  A negative PCR Covid Test (Rapid tests are not accepted) 
Student Travel
Please make sure to fill out the Educational Field Trip/Travel Form with your building principal(s).  
Staff Travel 
Please make sure to complete the Travel Google Form and inform the Pandemic Coordinator of your trip.  

Contact Angela Grim, District Nurse if you have any questions.  



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October 14-2020

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July 23rd 

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