Students Going The Extra Mile - by Reese Gadsby

Students Going the Extra Mile

By Reese Gadsby

The Challenge Program is a fairly new program that has recently been introduced to Lakeview High School. The program recognizes students for hard work and dedication. Awards are given to selected students in the following categories: Attendance, Academic Achievement, Academic Improvement, Stem and Community Service. 

For Attendance, Academic Improvement and Academic Excellence, Mr. Morris keeps files of attendance records and students GPA’s. For Stem, certain teachers select students who they believe have worked hard and are excelling in the classroom, and for Community Service students, logged hours will be taken into consideration by Mr. Morris. Once all names have been considered, the top 10% are taken for each category and chosen by a lottery system. Seniors will be awarded for their hard work in the Spring, and underclassmen will be awarded for their efforts the following school year at our kick off assembly, if circumstances allow.

This year’s theme was; “why not you?” and the following students from Lakeview were recognized and awarded a $200 check for their outstanding hard work. For Attendance: Kayla Gander and Loren Reagle. STEM: Jalissa Baker and Tucker Amon. Community Service: Gabriella Butterfield and Mikayla Montgomery. Academic Improvement: Christian Barber and Kya Cooper. Academic Excellence: Abigail Sefton and Carter Williams.

According to Ms. Misty Lowry, Program Development Manager of Southwestern PA, “We also have our Student of the Year competition, which is currently running right now. Students just need to visit, click on the Student of the Year link, and tell us why they deserve to win Student of the Year. Top prize is $1500! You do not need to be a nominee or award winner in the 5 award categories to enter- just answer some questions on how our message inspired you to overcome challenges to be the best student you can be.”

The Challenge Program not only pushes students to be the best versions of themselves, but it also rewards them for their hard work and dedication.  Always push your best in the classroom, and great rewards will come your way.