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ParentSquare & StudentSquare Sign-In


ParentSquare Sign-in and Sign-up


StudentSquare Sign-in and Sign-up

**StudentSquare is only available for students Grades 6-12**


Welcome to ParentSquare and Start Here Guides!

ParentSquare, the new communication platform, allows parents and guardians in Lakeview School District to receive all of their communications from the district, schools, classrooms and school activity groups in one unified app and service.

By unifying multiple tools into one communications app and service, ParentSquare provides a seamless experience for parents and staff. Parents will be able to keep track of news, activities and events from all their children’s schools in one place.

Lakeview School District hopes that ParentSquare’s intuitive, two-way platform will foster greater communication and family involvement. With ParentSquare, parents can enjoy photos posted by teachers, fill out forms and permission slips, sign up for parent-teacher conferences, check grades and attendance, and much more. School staff and parents can engage in both one-to-one and group messaging with real-time language translation.

For more information on ParentSquare, please visit the ParentSquare section on our website.  Technology Department 


To download the ParentSquare App for Android or iOS, just scan the appropriate QR Code below or visit the Appstore. 

Welcome to StudentSquare

Download our FREE StudentSquare app for iOS or Android. This is the easiest way for you to receive all Posts, Events, Sign Up Requests, Photos and Files. You can enable text notifications when a message is posted. iOS App - iOS App Store Android App - Google Play Store Use the camera on your phone to scan these QR codes - it takes you directly to the App or Google Play store.




Quick Guides

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Pro-Tips for Parent Square

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