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    Welcome to Oakview Elementary School! At Oakview we are privileged to serve our students in the Lakeview community.

    As our district message states, we believe in “anchoring students for success”. To do so, Oakview Elementary prides itself on being student centered and growth focused. Whether we are using our Sailor Code to convey expected behaviors or utilizing our student data to improve instruction, we aim to better our students to be successful in school and the community.

    We look forward to partnering with families and the community to provide the best opportunities possible to our students. Thank you for your continual support!


    Mr. Timothy J. Eiler

    Elementary Principal


    Oakview Elementary Office Hours 7:45 AM to 3:45 PM, Monday through Friday

    Sailor Code

    At Oakview Elementary we follow our Sailor Code, which is part of our School-Wide Positive Behavior Supports. Our 4 pillars are to Be Positive, Be Respectful, Be Safe, and Be Here/Be Ready. Our building and classroom discipline procedures are all aligned to these four areas.