LEAD Cyber Academy


    We know that providing students with many options and opportunities to customize their learning is important to their growth and development.  The future our students will experience will be much different than we as parents have experienced in the world of work; therefore, education that develops a wider skill set that is flexible and adaptive can only be accomplished when students are given many opportunities and experiences.  Our new LEAD Cyber Academy is an innovative approach to online learning that ultimately leads to a Lakeview School District Diploma.

    Through LEAD Academy, our school district is able to provide students with the option of hybrid scheduling or full-time cyber school.  We will work with you and your student in developing a custom schedule of online and/or in person courses.  Our cyber academy students also enjoy full access to extra-curricular activities, clubs, athletics, and district resources such as counseling and tutoring services, libraries, and athletic facilities.  We even provide an on-campus drop in study center so our cyber academy students have a place where they can go to work free of distractions.  LEAD Cyber academy students also may participate in a career or technical program through the Mercer County Career Center. And finally, all students may participate in school sponsored field trips and social events, such as prom.




    Julie M. Lyon       Assistant to the Superintendent

    Paula Clayton      Administrative Assistant 

    Phone: 724-376-7911 Ext 6025

    E-Mail j_lyon@lakeview.k12.pa.us