• Academic Games

    Academic Games

    Lakeview gifted students have the opportunity to participate in Academic Games held on the campus of Slippery Rock University.  Students may compete in linguiSHTIKS, equations, OnSets, presidents, propaganda, and world events.  When a student earns an undefeated status at the local event, they are invited to participate at the state meet held on the campus of Grove City College.  Students earning two undefeated standings in two different games are qualified to compete at the National Academic Games Leagues of America event, this year being held in Wheeling, West Virginia.  Twenty-three students in grades 3-12 were qualified to compete at the state event.  Lakeview’s middle division team earned first place team awards in linguiSHTIKS, equations, propaganda, and finished second in presidents.  Lakeview was part of a junior division team that finished first in propaganda and presidents.  Lakeview’s elementary division students finished second in equations.