• Distinguished Sailor Alumnus/Alumna: A nominee must have graduated from Lakeview High School or a school that consolidated to form the Lakeview School District.  The nominee should also have accomplished notable academic achievements after graduation.  Nominees will be judged on academic honors, community service, and professional achievement.

    Eligibility Requirements

    • The nominee must have graduated from Lakeview High School at least ten (10) years ago.
    • The nominee has been recognized for a high level of achievement in his/her field and made significant contributions to that field and his/her community.
    • The nominee has demonstrated leadership, character, and service in a variety of venues from his/her field of expertise to community, state, and national initiatives.
    • Nominations for posthumous awards will be accepted.


    Honorary Sailor: An individual may be nominated for induction into the Lakeview High School Alumni Hall of Fame if they are a former teacher, administrator, staff member, or community member that influenced or inspired academic achievement in the students at Lakeview. This individual does not need to be a Lakeview graduate.