• Lakeview Mission Statement

    Mission:  The Lakeview School District mission, in partnership with students, families, and community, is to work to ensure that each student acquires the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to achieve personal success and to enrich the global society.

    Vision:  Learning transfers to life beyond the Lakeview School District.  Every member of this learning community believes in their power to learn, excel, influence, and to create their own successful future.

    Shared Values:

    Live our mission and vision and use them to drive educational decisions. 

    Have a culture where personalized learning is at the center of student and teacher work. 

    See curriculum as something that is co-constructed to meet the needs and is relevant to the learner.

    Embrace and emphasize real-world application and presentation to real audiences as assessment for learning.

    See transparency and sharing as fundamental to a powerful learning environment.

    Use technology first and foremost as an amplifier for learning, creating, making, connecting, communicating, collaborating, and problem solving.

    Develop and communicate in powerful ways new stories of learning, teaching, and modern contexts for schooling.

    Encourage community wide participation in the equitable, effective education of children.

    Embrace and anticipate constant change and evolution.