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  • Absences - Student

    After an absence from school a student must provide for the office an excuse from parents indicating the child's name, date of absence and the reason for the absence.  The pupil will be issued one of two admit to class slips:
    1. Excused Absence/One Day Admittance– Yellow Slip
      Students who provide a written excuse to the office will receive the yellow slip marked excused or if parents forget to write an excuse, the office will mark the yellow slip unexcused.  An excuse is expected the next school day.  The yellow slip will be signed by office personnel, and accepted by the homeroom teacher three (3) times.  Any student failing to bring an excuse within three (3) days of his/her return to school will be issued an illegal absence.
                              The Board considers the following conditions to constitute reasonable cause for absence from school:
                              a.         Illness or recovery from an accident
                              b.         Quarantine of the home
                              c.         Death in the immediate family
                              d.         Court appearance
                              e.         Family emergency (Unavoidable)
                              f.          Absences approved by the administration, such as, impassable roads, inclement weather, or an
                                          educational trip.
                                          1.         A request for an educational trip must receive prior approval from the building
                                          2.         Approval is contingent upon the student’s attendance record as well as the student’s
                                                      keeping up with assignments during the trip.
                  2.         Unexcused or Illegal Absences – Pink Slip
    For students of compulsory attendance age, unexcused absences are also “illegal” absences. Students who are of compulsory school age and are illegally absent for more than three (3) days or their equivalent are “habitually truant.”  After a total of (3) days of illegal absences and after proper written notice of illegal absences have been issued, truancy charges will be filed with the district magistrate’s office, against both parents and student. Students who refuse to bring in excuses for days missed will be assessed one day of reassignment.
    B.         Absent Ten (10) Days
    A doctor's excuse will be required from any student who misses more than Ten (10) days of school. Failure to provide the office with the required excuse will result in the issuance of an "unexcused" or "illegal" absence.  Previous doctor excuses are not included in the fifteen day total.

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